Oil Refinery Co-operative
Thrift & Credit Society Limited

(Registered under the co-operative socitey
Act of 1912) REGD.NO.435U

Oil Refinery Co-operative Thrift & Credit Society Ltd. was registered under the co-operative societies Act II of 1912. Registration No. 435U. Whereas objective of this Cooperative Society is to inculcate the habit of making small savings and to make its members competent to maintain their financial viability Membership is open to all employee of indian oil corporation Ltd. Posted on RHQ/Co/Pipelines divisions (Delhi/NCR) . The Oil Refinery Cooperative Thrift & Credit Society Ltd. started as a small Thrift/Credit Society in registered with Registrar Cooperative Society, Delhi to help out its members residing in Delhi to uplift their economic conditions and tide over the financial hardships.